Dog Boarding Near Burlingame, CA: Finding The Perfect Care For Your Furry Friend

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Burlingame, CA

  Breed: Mutt

  Weight: 10 lbs

  Age: 1 year old

  Gender: Male

Peanut is a 1 year old super mutt (he’s part poodle, chihuahua, bichon and a whole host of other things!) He is a super friendly dog, he loves attention. He is great with kids and is regularly carried and cuddled by our own children and all their friends. As a family we have a history of fostering dogs (Peanut was a foster fail for us!) so he is very comfortable with other pups. He’s very playful and loves to wrestle with big and small dogs. Peanut sleeps in a soft sided carrier and has no issues sleeping through the night. He is potty trained and alerts at the back door when he needs to go out. He loves walks and is taken for walks in the morning and evening. During the afternoon he will come and go from our backyard which he has access to. He loves to chase squirrels or just sit outside in the sun. He’s a loving dog and lots of fun!

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Burlingame, CA

  Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

  Weight: 25 lbs

  Age: 11 years old

  Gender: Male

Very sweet, affectionate dog who loves walks , ok with other dogs any size or cats ! Can be left alone, no food issues, good appetite, healthy His family are ok too !! Had since puppy 13 yrs old now

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Burlingame, CA

  Breed: Golden mix

  Weight: 45 lbs

  Age: 1 year old

  Gender: Male

Hi! We adopted Soybean last year from LSC and we're hoping to find him new friends around our neighborhood. He's currently working on leash manners, but loves playing with all dogs. He is high energy. If you need to get your pup tired, Soybean is the one!

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Burlingame, CA

  Breed: Maltese

  Weight: 10 lbs

  Age: 14 years old

  Gender: Male

Hello, my name is Krishna, we are located in Burlingame, I work in healthcare. Beyond my professional role, I'm an avid dog lover, finding joy and companionship in their loyal and spirited nature. We are a family of 3, our toddler is 3 years old. We work from home, live close to trails and have a large yard.

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Burlingame, CA

  Breed: Samoyed

  Weight: 55 lbs

  Age: 2 years old

  Gender: Male

Looking forward to making connections with other dog parents!

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Oliver - Ollie

Burlingame, CA

  Breed: Bernedoodle

  Weight: 35 lbs

  Age: 4 years old

  Gender: Male

Hi! My name is Janey and I live in Burlingame with my husband Pete and our 3-year-old Bernedoodle Oliver (Ollie for short). He is a shy guy and can be timid when meeting people for the first time but easily warms up with gentle nudging and treats, of course. He gets along best with other doodles, golden retrievers and smaller dogs.

Picture of dogs


Burlingame, CA

  Breed: Maltipoo

  Weight: 15 lbs

  Age: 6 years old

  Gender: Male

We work mostly from home. Our baby is a 15lb silver maltipoo. He is 6 years old and very spoilt. He follows me around everywhere. He loves to lazy around the house most of the time. We have a fully enclosed backyard.

Picture of dogs


Burlingame, CA

  Breed: Pug

  Weight: 20 lbs

  Age: 10 years old

  Gender: Female

Empty nesters with a sweet well-mannered pug mix, Nana. She is almost 9, loves walks but not too long, and is a pro- cuddler. She is mostly pug, some chihuahua, and the rest is all lap dog.

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Burlingame, CA

  Breed: Labradoodle

  Weight: 40 lbs

  Age: 3 years old

  Gender: Male

I work in Corporate Retail, mostly Work From Home, and I frequently dog-sit through Rover on a few days of the week. My dog, Chewy, is a 40 lb Chocolate Labradoodle — a very social 1 year old pup and loves meeting new dog friends. I live in an apartment building with no yard but frequently take my dog out for a walk (3x a day)

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Dog Boarding Near Burlingame, CA: Finding The Perfect Care For Your Furry Friend

Are you a dog owner in Burlingame, CA, who loves to travel or often finds themselves out of town? If you're tired of the high costs associated with traditional dog boarding options, we've got a solution for you. Welcome to the vibrant and caring dog boarding community near Burlingame, where your canine companion will be looked after by fellow dog lovers while you're away. In this article, we'll cover all things related to dog boarding near Burlingame, CA, from available options to the benefits of this unique dog community.

Dog Boarding Options: Exploring Your Choices

When it comes to dog boarding near Burlingame, CA, you have several options to choose from. These include:

In-Home Boarding

Your dog stays in a home environment, receiving personalized attention and care. In-home boarding provides a homely atmosphere where your dog can relax, often with access to a fenced yard for playtime. This personalized care includes feeding, exercise, and medication if needed. Many dog owners prefer this option as it minimizes the stress of being in a kennel.

Dog Sitters

Professional dog sitters look after your dog in their own homes. Dog sitters are experienced caregivers who provide a cozy and welcoming environment for your pet. They often have experience with various dog breeds and can tailor their care to your dog's specific needs. This can be a great choice for dogs who are more comfortable in a home setting and enjoy the company of a loving caregiver.

Dog Boarding Facilities

Traditional kennels and facilities offer various levels of care and amenities. Dog boarding facilities are equipped to handle a larger number of dogs. They often provide structured routines, group playtime, and on-site staff. While some dogs thrive in this environment, it's essential to choose a facility that aligns with your dog's temperament and needs.

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Dog Boarding Near Burlingame, CA: A Close-Knit Dog Community

Imagine a community of dog owners who understand the importance of reliable and caring dog care. The dog boarding community near Burlingame offers just that. Here, local dog owners come together to watch each other's dogs while on vacation. This arrangement ensures that your dog receives attention, companionship, and love in a comfortable, home-like setting.

Most Popular Dog Breeds In Dog Boarding Near Burlingame, CA

In the Burlingame area, some dog breeds are more commonly seen in the dog boarding community. These include:

Labrador Retriever

Labs are known for their friendly and adaptable nature, making them a popular choice among dog owners in Burlingame.

French Bulldog

These affectionate and playful dogs are well-suited for the close-knit community environment.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers' gentle temperament and love for human interaction make them a common sight in Burlingame's dog boarding scene.


Poodles, with their intelligence and hypoallergenic coat, are favored by many dog owners in the area.


Bulldogs' easygoing nature and affectionate disposition make them a beloved choice for community-based dog boarding.

Average Cost Of Dog Boarding In Dog Boarding Near Burlingame, CA

The cost of dog boarding near Burlingame can vary based on factors such as the type of boarding and the duration of your dog's stay. On average:

  • In-home boarding: Typically ranges from $40 to $60 per night. This cost often includes personalized care, meals, and a comfortable home environment.
  • Dog sitters: Prices usually fall between $35 and $50 per night. Professional sitters offer individualized care and may have additional services like grooming or training.
  • Boarding facilities: Costs vary from $25 to $45 per night. These facilities may offer different pricing tiers, with additional fees for extra services such as playtime or private suites.

Is Dog Boarding Good For Your Dog?

Absolutely! Dogs are social animals that thrive on companionship. In the dog boarding community near Burlingame, your furry friend will benefit from the following:

Personal Attention

Individualized care from dog lovers who treat your pet like their own. This means your dog won't be lost in the shuffle of a busy facility.


Interaction with other dogs in a safe and supervised environment. This can help improve your dog's social skills and prevent feelings of loneliness.

Home Comfort

A cozy home setting that reduces stress and anxiety. Your dog will have a comfortable place to sleep and play, surrounded by familiar scents and sounds.

Why Dogs Are Happier Staying With A Family Than Dog Boarding

Dogs are known to form strong bonds with humans, and staying with a family offers numerous advantages:

Constant Companionship

Dogs receive attention throughout the day, reducing feelings of loneliness. Hosts in the dog boarding community near Burlingame often have a genuine love for dogs and prioritize their well-being.

Familiar Environment

A home setting with familiar sights, sounds, and smells is less stressful. Dogs tend to be more relaxed when they are in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Flexible Routine

Dogs can maintain their regular schedules for feeding, playtime, and walks. This consistency can be especially beneficial for dogs with specific dietary or medical needs.

What To Look For In A Trusted Dog Boarding Host

When entrusting your beloved pet to a dog boarding host, it's essential to ensure they are reliable and caring. Here are some key factors to consider:


Look for hosts with experience in dog boarding and caregiving. Experienced hosts are better equipped to handle various situations and ensure your dog's safety and happiness.

References And Reviews

Check for references and read reviews from other dog owners who have used the services of the host. Positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations can provide valuable insights.

Safety Measures

Inquire about safety precautions in the host's home or facility. This includes secure fencing, safe play areas, and emergency plans in case of unforeseen events.


Ensure the host maintains open and transparent communication. They should be reachable in case of emergencies and willing to provide updates on your dog's well-being.


Assess whether the host's environment and other dogs in the community are a good match for your dog's personality and needs. Compatibility is key to a stress-free stay.

Tips For A Smooth Transition To Dog Boarding

Helping your dog adjust to a new environment is essential for a positive boarding experience. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Familiar Items: Bring familiar items like your dog's bed, toys, and a piece of clothing with your scent. These items offer comfort and familiarity.
  • Meet-and-Greet: If possible, arrange a meet-and-greet with the host and other dogs in the community before the boarding period. This can reduce anxiety and help your dog feel more at ease.
  • Gradual Introduction: If your dog hasn't experienced boarding before, consider a shorter trial stay before a more extended vacation. This eases them into the new routine.
  • Clear Instructions: Provide clear instructions to the host regarding your dog's routines, dietary preferences, and any special needs. Communication is key to ensuring your dog's comfort.
  • Positive Goodbyes: When dropping off your dog, maintain a positive and calm demeanor. Dogs can pick up on your emotions, so saying a reassuring goodbye can help ease their anxiety.

Benefits Of A Local Dog Boarding Community

The advantages of a local dog boarding community extend beyond excellent care for your pet. Here's why being part of such a community can be beneficial:

Community Support

You'll have a network of fellow dog owners who can offer support, advice, and recommendations for pet-related services.

Peace Of Mind

Knowing that your dog is being cared for by neighbors or friends in the community provides peace of mind during your travels.


Many dog-boarding communities operate on a reciprocal basis. You care for others' dogs when they're away, and they do the same for you, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Local Knowledge

Local hosts are familiar with the area, making them well-equipped to handle any emergencies or special needs that may arise.

How To Prepare Your Dog For Boarding

Ensuring your dog is well-prepared for boarding is crucial to their comfort and happiness during your absence. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  • Health Check: Schedule a vet checkup to ensure your dog is in good health and up-to-date on vaccinations.
  • Packing Essentials: Pack your dog's food, medication, leash, collar with ID, and any necessary documents, such as vaccination records.
  • Trial Stay: If possible, arrange a short trial stay with the host to acclimate your dog to their new environment.
  • Emergency Contacts: Provide the host with your contact information, your vet's contact details, and a backup contact in case you're unavailable.
  • Positive Associations: Make the drop-off experience positive by bringing treats and offering reassurance. Avoid showing anxiety, as dogs can pick up on it.

Dog Boarding During Holidays: Planning Ahead

Holidays can be a busy time for dog boarding. To secure a spot and ensure a stress-free experience, plan ahead with these tips:

Book Early

Holiday periods fill up quickly, so book your dog's stay well in advance to guarantee a spot.

Provide Details

Share your holiday plans and any special instructions with the host, including any festivities or dietary changes.

Prepare In Advance

Pack your dog's essentials and familiar items well before your departure date to avoid last-minute stress.

Emergency Contact

Ensure the host has your contact information and knows how to reach you in case of any issues.

Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Knowing your dog is well-cared for during the holidays allows you to relax and enjoy your time away.

Final Thoughts On Dog Boarding Near Burlingame

We've explored the wonderful world of dog boarding near Burlingame, CA, and discovered the benefits of a close-knit dog community. From personalized care options to the peace of mind knowing your furry friend is in good hands, it's clear that finding the right boarding solution is crucial for both you and your dog.

If you're eager to experience the warmth and care of a local dog community and want to embark on worry-free travels, look no further than WoofyClub. We specialize in connecting dog parents with caring families who will watch your dogs when you need it, all free of charge.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to join our community of dog lovers. Sign up with WoofyClub today and ensure that your dog receives the love and attention it deserves while you're away. Your dog's next adventure is just a click away!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Boarding Near Burlingame, CA

Can I visit the home where my dog will stay during boarding?

Yes, many dog boarding options allow you to visit the host's home before booking. This visit can help you ensure that the environment is safe and suitable for your dog.

How can I ensure my dog gets along with other dogs in the community?

Hosts typically arrange a meet-and-greet to assess compatibility between dogs. This initial interaction helps ensure that your dog will be comfortable and safe in the community.

What if my dog has special dietary needs or requires medication?

Most hosts are willing to accommodate special diets and medication schedules. It's crucial to communicate your dog's specific requirements with the host to ensure proper care.

Is the dog boarding community licensed and regulated?

Research hosts who are part of reputable platforms that ensure quality and safety. Many platforms have guidelines and reviews to help you choose a trusted host.

How far in advance should I arrange to board my dog with the community?

It's recommended to plan as early as possible, especially during peak travel seasons. Giving ample notice helps other members prepare for taking care of your dog. In fact, we usually see families start looking for boarding options 2 months before their vacation. You should start thinking about boarding as soon as you have travel dates in mind and ideally even before booking your ticket!

How can I stay updated on my dog's well-being during the stay?

Many hosts provide regular updates and photos to keep you informed. You can also establish communication preferences with the host to receive updates as often as you'd like.

What if my dog experiences anxiety in new environments?

Inform your host about your dog's anxiety, and choose an option that aligns with their comfort. Hosts with experience in handling anxious dogs can provide extra reassurance.

Are there any vaccination requirements for dog boarding?

Yes, most hosts will require up-to-date vaccinations to ensure the health of all dogs in the community. This requirement helps protect your dog and others from potential illnesses.

Can I book dog boarding for an extended period, such as a month?

Absolutely, many hosts are available for longer-term boarding arrangements. Discuss the duration of your trip with potential hosts to ensure they can accommodate your needs.

How do I choose the right boarding option for my dog?

Consider your dog's temperament, needs, and preferences when selecting a boarding option. Additionally, take the time to meet potential hosts and ask questions to determine the best fit for your furry friend.


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