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New Brunswick, NJ

  Breed: Rottweiler

  Weight: 80 lbs

  Age: Puppy (less than 1 year old)

  Gender: Male

**The Energetic Gentleman** --- Meet Thor, my spirited 11-month-old companion who brings boundless energy and heartwarming qualities to our home. Let's dive into his unique traits: 1. **Friendly:** Thor's tail wags like a metronome when he meets new people or fellow canines. His warm demeanor makes him an instant favorite at the dog park. 2. **Clingy (in the best way):** Thor is my loyal shadow. Whether I'm working, reading, or simply relaxing, he's right there, offering silent encouragement and unwavering companionship. 3. **Bark Control Expert:** Unlike most dogs, Thor doesn't bark unnecessarily. He reserves his vocal prowess for important moments, like alerting me to visitors or potential squirrel invasions. 4. **Crate Connoisseur:** Thor's crate is his cozy sanctuary. When he's not exploring the backyard or chasing tennis balls, you'll find him curled up inside, dreaming of adventures. 5. **Energetic Dynamo:** Thor's energy levels rival a perpetual motion machine. Long walks, fetch sessions, and spontaneous zoomies are his favorite pastimes. He's the embodiment of "go big or go home." 6. **Social Butterfly:** Thor is learning the art of socialization. His tail wags with curiosity as he greets other dogs, eager to expand his furry network. 7. **Potty Prodigy:** No accidents on the carpet—Thor's potty training skills are top-notch. He knows when nature calls, and he scratches at the door like a seasoned pro. 8. **Basic Commands Mastered:** Thor responds promptly to commands like "sit," "come," "stay," and a firm "no." Treats are his motivation for quick learning. 9. **Nibbler Extraordinaire:** Thor's nibbling habit keeps life interesting. Sticks, stones—anything within reach becomes fair game. But indoors, he's a well-behaved gentleman who knows not to bite anything off-limits. --- Thor, with his playful spirit and endearing quirks, fills our days with joy and laughter. 🐾❤️

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